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Moorhead counseling, PLLC is dedicated to providing mental health services in a safe, supportive environment as we work together to develop goals that meet your need. 

My belief is that change is possible, empowerment is key, and acceptance is freedom. 

I look forward to hearing from you. 

-Natasha Braseth, LICSW

Grass and Flowers

Each of us have the ability to work through our troubles and improve our quality of life.  Moorhead Counseling, PLLC would like to provide you support as you take the steps to enhanced well-being.


Being part of a group can offer insights, provide support, and a sounding board. Group therapy can propel you forward and teach you about yourself.  Building healthy relationships in a safe place, learning from peers with the guidance of a therapist. 

Consultation for clinicians, institutions, and agencies. Training/educational workshops on issues related to healthy direct communication, mindfulness, mental health, and employee retention. 

 HIPPA compliant case consultation for clinicians, and other service providers. 

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